Rep. Dunahoo is married to a public school teacher, Elaine Dunahoo who has taught in the Hall County school system for 25 years, and is committed to maximizing local control of education. An opponent of excessive standardized testing, Dunahoo believes in the basics of a quality education and training a skilled workforce to enhance Georgia’s ability to attract new businesses and jobs. Rep. Dunahoo was honored to support the state budget that increased education funding and teacher salaries by more than $500M since his first year in the Legislature. A college education should be attainable by all and there are scholarships, work programs, and the Hope in place for this. However, the government provides 13 years of free education and college degrees cannot be “free”; nothing worth real value is free. Someone must pay for it, whether it is education or freedom itself. Free tuition is already available in Georgia colleges and technical schools for students who EARN it.


Rep. Dunahoo believes in individual liberties bestowed upon us by our Creator. A strict constitutionalist, Dunahoo staunchly opposes any violation of our Constitutional rights including the Right to Bear Arms. Unlike his liberal opponent, Emory is endorsed by the NRA and has an A rating. Henry David Thoreau said it best when he said, “That government is best that governs the least.”


An ardent advocate for the common man, Dunahoo has worked to implement common sense conservative solutions in his businesses and during his tenure as our State Representative. Dunahoo believes that government should live within its means and that taxation must be kept to minimal levels. Dunahoo has worked tirelessly to return savings to the public while serving in the State House of Representatives. Our society cannot sustain itself without working taxpayers to sustain the infrastructure that makes our country great. Hard work, responsibility, and effort were established by our forefathers as they built this great nation. Man cannot depend on the government for support; he must support himself as a contributing member of society. Thoreau said it best when he said, “That government is best that governs the least.”


Dunahoo is the proud sponsor of HB 1141, the Georgia Fair Tax Act. The Fair Tax would completely scrap the state income tax and level the playing field for all Georgians. Rep. Dunahoo’s belief in less taxes and more economic freedom provide for the best incentives to jumpstart an economy. A successful businessman, Dunahoo is proud to sponsor the Fair Tax and work towards reducing taxes for all Georgians.


Rep. Dunahoo is a supporter of the Governor’s 20% pay increase for public safety officers and believes that those who put their lives on the line to protect us deserve competitive pay and benefits. A supporter of the Rule of Law, Dunahoo believes in the 287(G) illegal immigration program and supports local public safety personnel’s role to enforce the law. Dunahoo commends public safety officers during this time of national discord and encourages community based policing.


Rep. Dunahoo believes in the paramount sanctity of life and has always supported legislation that protects the unborn.  It's that simple.
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