GA Rep. Emory Dunahoo Rallies FairTax® Advocates for Georgia Bill

At Georgians for Fair Taxation’s (GFFT) Quarterly Board Public Event on Tuesday April 12, an excited and engaged crowd had the opportunity to listen to GA Representative Emory Dunahoo (R- District 30) discuss why he agreed to be the sponsor of The Georgia FairTax Act. Representative Dunahoo explained that one of his biggest motivations for running for the State Legislature six years ago was his commitment to reforming our state budgeting process and tax system. He also gave the audience some impassioned advice about what, collectively, we will need to do to help him enact a state FairTax during next year’s legislative session.
Representative Dunahoo said that, as a life-long marketer and businessman, he quickly understood and appreciated the positive impact that the FairTax could immediately bring to the Georgia economy. He told the audience that he was “giddy” when GFFT leaders approached him to be the primary sponsor of our FairTax bill, as it gave him a concrete approach to achieve one of his major campaign goals – to reduce or eliminate the state income tax. And he believes that many of his fellow legislators are right there with him. Within the first hour after HB 1141 was submitted by Dunahoo to the House for consideration, the bill had 27 co-sponsors signed on – a great start on the votes needed to pass a bill in the House and send it on to the Senate.
Dunahoo, a member of the House Banks and Banking Committee, went on to say that many of the bills that are put to the legislature for consideration are “crazy” and trivial to anyone but a small sector of the Georgia electorate. He is excited to be championing a bill that he believes, because of its unique prebate provision, should earn bi-partisan support and will fundamentally improve the standard of living for all residents of Georgia. With The Georgia FairTax Act now a real bill, Dunahoo believes that we are off to a great start. But to reach our goal will take hard work and commitment by Georgians across the state. “Marketing is the key,” said Dunahoo. “You have to tell the FairTax story with confidence and enthusiasm to your family, your friends, your neighbors, your colleagues at work. Never miss an opportunity to spread the word”. 
He also encouraged all of us to contact our state Representative and Senator and find out if they understand and support the FairTax – if not, educate them.
It was clear from his comments that Dunahoo believes that The Georgia FairTax Act is a goal that is worth fighting for and that, with our support, Georgia can achieve something of real significance for its citizens. Georgia can be the first to demonstrate to other states and the Federal government why the FairTax is the single most important legislative initiative of our day. In this election year of negativity, partisanship, and turmoil, let’s invest our political energy behind something positive by enacting real change here in Georgia that anyone, Democrat or Republican, can be proud to support.
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